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Chi siamo

BELLAKEO COMPANY is a dance company founded by EO TWINS, two talented and passionate dancers who share a love for urban and Latin styles. EO TEWINS are Emilio and Orlando, twin siblings who started dancing at a young age and have been performing and teaching together ever since. They have participated in many national and international competitions and festivals, winning several awards and recognition for their skills and creativity. They have also collaborated with other artists and choreographers, such as TAVO ABT and MAYA AGASI, to create innovative and exciting projects. BELLAKEO COMPANY offers classes, workshops, and shows in various dance genres, such as reggaeton, hip hop  and more. Their goal is to spread their passion and joy for dancing, and to inspire and motivate others to express themselves through movement. BELLAKEO COMPANY is more than just a dance company, it is a family of dancers who support and challenge each other to grow and have fun. If you want to join BELLAKEO COMPANY, you can check their website or follow them on Instagram. You will not regret it!