Our mission is to inspire people to go out more

Our cultural diversity is enriched when we are surrounded by different people and new environments. At Billetto we guide our members to go out more by recommending new indie subculture experiences in Scandinavia, the UK, and Europe.

Our core values

Trust · Share · Connect

Dare · Explore · Act
Enjoy · Innovate · Own

We invest in cultural diversity and measure our impact.

We are enabling and actively investing in the growth of independent live events, experiences, and local social communities. We measure our subcultural impact by the number of new attendees Billetto is driving to small independent subculture events such as Japanese design festivals, epic drag shows, techno space ravers, crazy comedy festivals, and more.

Humanism at heart

Our definition of humanity is empathy in human relationships. To us, empathy is felt when we trust, connect, and share without anything being expected in return.

Art provokes and inspires change

Our definition of creativity is being in a flow. Unconscious experience of the present moment with the mind absorbed in the present without conscious interference. The creative freedom to enjoy life just as it is right now. Creation is felt when we can act on our impulses without having to reflect, strategise or prioritise.

Education is the ticket to the future

We try our best to leave the world better than when we started. In the process, we dare ourselves and our community to inspire, teach, and promote information through events and experiences. Here in the Nordics, we are fortunate and gifted with an opportunity to innovate, to passionately build product and company architectures, processes, and strategies. We believe in our own ability to attract and guide creative talented people towards the visions of our imagination.
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