Star Wars Destiny Galactic Qualifier 2019 - Italy

Jun 08 2019 08:00 - Jun 09 2019 20:00

Hotel Castello Centro Congressi Artemide, Viale delle Terme, 1010/b, 40024 Castel San Pietro Terme (Bologna)

The Star Wars Destiny Galactic Qualifier is coming to Italy!

The Galactic Qualifier has been a massive success for Star Wars Destiny and we invite players of all abilities to come along an take part in two days of Star Wars Destiny! For information about the Galactic Qualifier, including any announcements for prizes, please follow Fantasy Flight Games website and the Facebook event of this specific tournament.

There are two ticket options:

Duellist Ticket: 35€ The Duellist Tickets gives you access to the main event and all side events (extra costs for drafts) over the weekend.

Master Ticket: 50€ The Master Ticket gives you access to the main event and all side events (extra costs for drafts) and also includes an exclusive playmat.


Event structures (more info soon to come):


A Galactic Qualifier is a tournament with six paired rounds. When you finish the sixth round of the tournament, you earn a number of Prize Credits based on the number of your victories. We will run 2 Galactic Qualifiers each day, meaning a total of 4 Galactic Qualifiers over the weekend! In addition, each competitor who successfully wins all six rounds will earn an invitation to the World Championship!


Galactic Qualifiers will also offer the Escape Pod side tournament for players who to enjoy a more casual gaming or experience or who want more rapid-fire Destiny action! After eight competitors enrol, they will be paired together for a quick, three-round tournament. After the third round, you receive Prize Credits based on the number of your victories.


Hotel Castello will take care of all the bookings in the nearby hotels. Please send an email to with subject "Prenotazione Asmodee - Giugno" with your data, how long you will stay and how many meals you will reserve.
--- 4* ACCOMODATION [# of person/price per room per night]: 1/54€, 2/59€, 3/84€, 4/99€ (breakfast included, city tax not included)
--- 4* COMFORT ACCOMODATION [# of person/price per room per night]: 1/59€, 2/64€, 3/94€, 4/109€ (breakfast included, city tax not included)
PLEASE NOTE: Lunch time will be tight during tournaments, so we suggest to find a nearby restaurant (there is plenty of them!) just for dinner. There will be a fast full-time bar with sandwiches throughout the duration of the tournament!

We are looking forward to seeing you at the event. If you have any questions please fee to contact AsmoPlay Italia ( or ask in the Facebook event.

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