Guided tour of fascist architectures in the Porto-Saragozza Neighborhood

Guided exhibition visit and guided city walk as part of the series “The ‘enemy race’: theory andpractice of Fascist antisemitism in Bologna”, organized by Archivio di Stato di Bologna, in partnership with the Associations “Il Chiostro dei Celestini. Amici dell’Archivio di Stato di Bologna” and “Rabisch”. Additional support is provided by Comune di Bologna, Comunità ebraica di Bologna, Fondazione Memoria della Deportazione, Fondazione campo Fossoli.

For the guided city walk, a minimum contribution of 5 euros is required, to be collected prior to departure. The sponsoring associations are non-profit. All contributions are used toward the conservation and presentation of documents preserved by the Archivio di Stato di Bologna.

A minimum contribution of 5 euros is required